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1 be uncomfortably hot
2 suffer from intense heat; "we were sweltering at the beach"

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  1. To suffer terribly from intense heat.
  2. To perspire greatly from heat.


  1. Intense heat.
    The summer swelter did not relent until late in September, most years.

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BO, THI, bake, be in heat, beaded brow, beads of sweat, blaze, bloom, body odor, boil, broil, burn, choke, closeness, cold sweat, combust, cook, diaphoresis, exudate, exudation, exude, flame, flame up, flare, flare up, flicker, flush, fry, gasp, glow, honest sweat, humidity, humidness, incandesce, lather, melt, mugginess, oppressiveness, pant, parch, perspiration, perspiration odor, perspire, radiate heat, roast, scald, scorch, seethe, shimmer with heat, simmer, smolder, smother, spark, steam, stew, stickiness, stifle, streams of sweat, stuffiness, sudor, sudoresis, suffocate, sweat, temperature-humidity index, toast, water, wilt
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